We believe that Trend-tech and its entire staff should be with Integrity, Hardworking and be with Innovation. Also, achievements of our staff are respected and recognized. We insist to these values and this help Trend-tech and its staff to obtain development and recognition from our partners and customers. And Trend-tech and its entire staff will stick to these core values of us.
Fancy titles, strong political positioning skills, and a healthy list of names to drop can be great assets at a lot of companies, but not at Trend-tech. Here we evaluate the work of our staff based on the working result. Relationship between company and staff are more like cooperation. Trend-tech builds up the platform for our staff to play and develop themselves. Mutual development is more important in Trend-tech. Harmony is always considered to be so important here. We are building comfortable environment not only in what we see and use, but also in what we feel.